Gallery Wrap Photographic Prints

Turn your portraits or favorite photograph into a real work of
art with a canvas gallery wrap.  Since the image wraps around
the 1 1/2 inch stretcher bar,  there is no need of a frame.  

Comes complete ready to hang.

We can print any size up to 38 inches by any width.  
listed sizes are the most commonly requested.
Print Size Price Print Size Price
8x10 $32.00 20x24 $105.00
10x10 $38.00 20x30 $128.00
11x14 $50.00 24x24 $115.00
12x18 $60.00 24x30 $150.00
16x16 $68.00 24x36 $160.00
16x20 $75.00 30x30 $185.00
16x24 $85.00 30x40 $220.00
20x20 $85.00 38x60 $255.00